Adj. (pmpkn, pm-, png-)

1) Excellent; first-rate

2) Very attractive physically, etc

3) Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless

4) A lot of, existing in great quantity or ample supply. Enough to fill the orange vine fruit "Pumpkin", that is widely cultivated in early autumn.
"Grunngg has a pumpkin sports car of the mountains"

"Stoozies had a pumpkin time at the party."

"That ho be mad pumpkin."

"By selling my crack-cocaine I recieved a pumpkin ammount of money."

"That ho made a pumpkin mistake when she crossed pimp daddy J-Silva."
by J-Silva November 9, 2005
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What rednecks like to do.
Pumpkin: That redneck likes to pump his kin.
by Johndog187 November 12, 2010
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(verb) the time of night when you have to head to bed or home due to being very tried, or having something to do very early in the morning, Orgins- Cinderella
"its been a great night but i'm going to have to pumpkin" "i have to wake up a five tomorrow so a better pumpkin pretty soon"
by Emma Dilemma January 16, 2014
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POV: You're bored at school and remember the pumpkin meme you just watched and want to see a 'accurate' definition of it.
Or you are that one kid who is wondering what the fuck it means and why people are screaming it in the lockers.
That school eshay: PUMPKIN!
Kid: Wtf is he talking about.
Kid: Welp better search it up.
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Pumpkin is the act of pimpin while crunk.
"Yeah bitch, you should have seen me the other night. I was totally pumpkin!"
by Shannon-Caitlin December 2, 2007
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A woman who tends to act like a wench. A woman who frequently lies about baked goods and makes other false promises. May look like Snooki from "The Jersey Shore" but is much taller. Runs funny.
Where is that pumpkin with my apple pie? I bet she stopped on her way to go do wench things.
by papasmurf924 November 4, 2010
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pumpkin juice, to make pumpkin pie with, pumpkin head, pumpkin patch, pumpkin skin, pumpkin prone, awkward pumpkin,


1) hes got a pumpkin!
2) hes very pumpkin prone
3) im covered in pumpkin juice!
by TheCavern June 2, 2011
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