3 bags is use to describe one really ugly bitch.
The first bag would be to put over her head during sex, because the sight is repulsive, the second bag is to put over your head in case her bag falls off, and the last bag is for your dog, so that he does not lose respect for you if he sees 'what' your doing.
i used to take the bus with gods biggest 3 bags fuck up.
by michaelbivy May 8, 2008
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manner to describe how unattractive your last sexual partner was.
1 bag = A bag for her or his face

2 bags = a bag for his/her face and a bag for your face

3 bags = a bag for his/her face, a bag for your face , and a bag for you to vomit in after your done.
by octy tenticles July 7, 2004
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Slav filled up his number 3 bag and stuck it to Kevins back
by Trevor Terry June 8, 2017
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In short it is a package(penis and testicles, 3 parts, hence 3 piece)
by LMFMC FUCKER June 9, 2009
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Another saying for definitely or 100 percent.
To confirm something has happened or will happen. It comes from the nursery rhyme about the farmer getting 3 bags full of wool.
"Do you think you've done good on that test"

"Yeah mate, 3 bags full"
by Mighty Queppen June 15, 2023
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