So Bad is an Eminem song in which he talks about how he is good in the sack,

"Soon as you wrote your number on that napkin, I was bound to work a number on your back and throw your spine out of alignment"
"So good, so good that I'm so bad, I guarantee I'll be the greatest thing you've ever had, cause you aint never met nobody like me, and you aint gonna wanna fuck anybody else again"
by EminemStan July 19, 2017
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"You're so bad" Is a video game phrase most people use when getting killed by a player better than themselves or when you barely win a match against an annoying player better than yourself.
"You're so bad, I would've killed you easily if i was at my prime."
" You're so bad, my hands were so cold that match that's the only reason you won."
" You're so bad, I was lagging so hard that match.
by Garo010 January 29, 2021
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When your losing in a game (most likely Rocket League) And even though you are losing, the other person is worse than you and is winning.
"Bro... BRO... BRO! How is this kid getting the boost and scoring before I even hit the ground? This kid is so bad bro Jesus fuck."
by CrapperCrane March 25, 2023
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so bad is a typical gamer exclamation.
the word "so bad" can be commonly found in pvp games such as roblox pvp games or minecraft pvp servers.
"so bad" is used in 2 different events:
1. Player 1 Wins the Game
2. Player 1 Loses the Game
P.S: this word is usually typed in the chat by toxic players! dont say it, instead use "gg" or "wp", if you dont wanna be judged as toxic!
1. Player 1: u lose, so bad! 🤣

2. Player 1: so bad, cant even play well...😭
by JustSomeJoJoFan May 8, 2021
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Down so bad is a term used most commonly on Twitter where when something unfortunate happens to them, it has them down "so bad."
Peter Parker was down so bad when he got rejected by Mary Jane, slapped by Harry, and watched Mary Jane get engaged to an asshole named John.
by SMDSGILGDYDBYDB December 1, 2020
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