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To be outdrawn in a poker game, when you have the obviously superior hand, and then to whine about it for hours.
Did you see that hand history? Man, he really got stirfried.
by MonkeyAccount August 03, 2005
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Throwing together multiple strains of weed into one bowl/joint/blunt.
We have about a half gram each so we'll just throw it all together and smoke a stir fry bowl.

Dude, lets get stir fried!
by AHor4U November 20, 2011
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A person of asian decent who at the time of speaking is fried or in the act of doing something that could be considered a act of fried
Dude that malaysian is stir fried to the limit right now.
by crabfeet May 15, 2010
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to be higher than expected in a short time frame
β€œthat bud is definitely valid.. got a nigga stir-fried in no time”
by sretaw, trebor December 23, 2018
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