Alright, don't confuse the trolls on here (like the Elf and FirstName for example) with normal Californians. Most Californians do not think of the other states as crap. In fact, many Californians love going on long roadtrips across the country. In fact, I met 1 Californian girl thats younger than me, but has been to 42 different states and DC, while I've only been to 7 states and not DC at the time this was typed. Most Californians have not met any celebrities, and celeberties do not only live in California, and not everyone in California is a rich, preppy, and a surfer.
Don't take what the other definitions of a Californian say seriously.
by Octy May 11, 2008
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pimp ass nigga that will take your hoe any day..
by jigga-nigga October 5, 2003
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Someone native to California and most likely eats Rice-a-Roni, goes to art school, attends peace protests, and likes the cock.
God damn he's gone californian
by Ben Saylor June 9, 2003
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pronounced cal- ee- for- nyan or (if you're Aahnold) kah- lee- for- nyahn

1. someone who vehemently hates their governator
2. incorrectly stereotyped
3. correctly stereotyped
1. WTF... Aahnold!!!!
2. stick it up your ass.
3. like *giggle* dude that is like so, like, whacked, and stuff.
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Californians = The best and strongest group of people in the 50 states.(51 after we take over Iraq) :D
Guy1: I'm from some cool state other than California
Guy2: I'm Californian
Girl: Cum here California and have sex with me.

(U are a fucking idiot if you think California is a bad place.)
Even though we are going through an apocalypse in Oct. 2007 with earthquakes and fires.
by Coolpimp November 1, 2007
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Someone who went to Summer camp: mountian climbing, horse back riding. a dork
I meet this hot girl today.. then she told me she was a californian.. i was like never mind
by ink_dup November 2, 2007
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The process of one from out of the state of California, adapting to the society and culture of those who live in the state of California.
Living in California for almost a year, Danny has become Californianized by living with his new parents.
by Light Rex September 26, 2008
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