out to some
Cool tunes
by January 21, 2021
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Trey: “Yo this perc really got me jamming!”
by killak July 5, 2020
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When two ex-lovers become stuck, catch, seize (up), become immobilized, become unable to move, become fixed, become wedged, become lodged, or become trapped in a state of unknown perpetual motion.
Those two use to be a thing in the past, now they just be jamming.
by BePee January 28, 2019
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to engage in sexual intercourse, or sexual act involving penetration
"hey mike do you know chryste?" "yea, shes girl i met in college that i been jamming her off and on for a few years now"

"Yea i jammed her the other night it wasnt any good though"

"I used to talk to her but she wasnt letting me jam so i stopped fucking with her"
by rybiggs May 5, 2011
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A form of Jamaican dance where a woman dances on a mans crotch in many different positions
I jammed her nicely

I had a set good jam yesterday

Are you off jamming tomorrow?
by Ad4690 February 23, 2017
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When your long hard cock is in her mouth and you tell her to open that mouth up more when she does put your hand or hands on her head and force your throbbing cock to the back of her throat it can make the women gagg you can repeat this method over and over again some women really love it it can also be used as a type of thrust inside her butthole or vagina
Sorry we were late Dominic was jamming me all morning

Well damn
by Miao tai chi June 16, 2019
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The most bestest pajamas you will ever find. Once you find these one of a kind pajamas you will scream at the top of your lungs using a childish lisp to announce to the world what has just happened.
by rey rey toats mcgoats October 13, 2010
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