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Some prick who immediately thinks that he's God due to his oh-so-revolutionary iPod, and of which so much dumbasses follow and sneer at Gates, because your "mac" is better.
All the Mac dumbasses will start crying about this description of Steve Jobs and not publish this.
by OLOL January 14, 2007

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In internet usage, it is usually interjected after a long explanation or something unfunny to make the reader laugh.
A good example would be a "Investigation" YTMND: It will have a long investigation of a meme, e.g Sexymofo, and at the end, will suddenly display "also, cocks" to make the reader laugh.
by OLOL January 18, 2007

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People that give the Democratic party a bad name, they hate America whilst living in it. All parts of it, especially:

A) Soldiers
B) Corporations
C) Government

Despite having all three need a shitload of straightening up, yet necessary to the USA, Liberal Douchebags blame America for everything.
Nonsensical hippy-tard in Berkeley, Belmont, or Santa Cruz: AMERIKKKA SUCKS! FUCK THE TROOPS! ALL THEY DO IS ADVANCE THE FAT WALLETS OF KORPORATE SKUMMMM!! *burns an American flag*
Rational person: Shut the fuck up, liberal douchebag.

See author Dolphin_X for a good definition of a liberal douchebag.
by OLOL September 22, 2007

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Internet term. Used sarcastically in response to anyone who wants to find out to ending of a video game/anime/movie.
"So, what happens at the end of Twilight Princess?"
by OLOL February 12, 2007

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In computers:
1. Modification. Ranges from add-ons (Example: UT2K4 VCTF) to Total Conversions (Example: Classic Doom for Doom 3, Red Orchestra, Counter-Strike)
2. Moderators. The ones who lay down and enforce rules in forums/message boards.
1. Hey, did you see the Silent Hill mod for HL2? It looks good.
2. Someone report this Goddamn troll to a mod.
by OLOL June 10, 2007

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How Cthulhu says O RLY? Derived from the sunken city of R'lyeh, where Cthulhu sleeps.
Shogoth: Sir, we're out of humans to eat.
Cthulhu: O R'LYEH?
by OLOL May 07, 2007

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Internet phenomenon. A series of five AMVs, parodying commercials, movies, and anime. The most well known is "AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture", an hour long.
Even non-anime fans will like AMV Hell.
by OLOL January 23, 2007

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