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PTKFGS version of O RLY? Instead of an owl, it is a cat with a silly expression on its face, similar to the owl.

Like O RLY?, it is used in sarcasm or disbelief.

Response to R U SHUR? is SHUR M SHUR!, which is responded to with KENT B!
Joe: Boy, there are a lot of Wiitards.
Jack: R U SHUR?

Jack: Your cat is on fire.
Joe: R U SHUR?
by OLOL May 1, 2007
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Since there wasn't a military unit at the ready, the SWAT team had to kick the terrorists' asses and save the hostages.
by OLOL April 6, 2007
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Anyone who overzelously attacks anyone not using linux. See Windows Nazis and Mac Nazis.
Stop being such a Linux Nazi, you retard.
by OLOL January 31, 2007
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Internet phenomenon. A series of five AMVs, parodying commercials, movies, and anime. The most well known is "AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture", an hour long.
Even non-anime fans will like AMV Hell.
by OLOL January 23, 2007
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The term describing the five late-night comedy shows featuring Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Kimmel.

(Note: I probably forgot other late-night comedy shows.)

(Also note: Doesn't count Jon Stewart, Colbert, or the stand-up performances on Comedy Central. Their airing times are different.)
Jeez, I have to keep switching between the Late Night five, they're on at the same time, and rather funny.
by OLOL January 24, 2007
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Contrary to popular belief, they're used on both spectrums of the political war (read: conservative and liberal).
Propaganda is present in:

Many, many newspapers, including alternates
Websites for both parties

Joe was getting tired of the propaganda about how the US was corrupt, about how the US is the best, about how corporations were evil, about how corporations weren't, et cetera.
by OLOL October 13, 2007
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Cats are not dogs. Dogs are not cats. That should be enough information for you, n00b!
by OLOL April 8, 2007
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