Having the characteristics of someone truly awesome and talented
Did he just run for a 99 yd touchdown? Wow someone's a Wozniak
by wozzy123 October 23, 2012
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Person 1: ALL HELL NO!
Person 2: What?
Person 1: I stepped in some Wozniak
by Trickstertrevor December 31, 2008
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a virgin who really REALLY is obsessed with video games old and new. the man who helped popularized this term was "Scott the Woz" on youtube.
i have this friend who is always talking about old Nintendo games, he's such a wozniak.
by thebe_stone April 23, 2021
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the guy who owns sonic jam.
i think he was a youtuber? idk all i know is he owns sonic jam.
Guy1: Hey do you know who Scott Wozniak is?
guy2: yeah he owns sonic jam.
by WaluigiBot January 15, 2021
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The real founder and true visionary of apple, whose rightful fame and place in history Steve Jobs stole.
Guy #1:"Steve Jobs is so great! He founded apple!"
Guy #2:"Umm, no, Steve Wozniak founded helped create apple and invented the apple 2, the greatest computer ever made."
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A skank whore. Slept with the whole school and looks like a grandma. Most likely watches Harry Potter fanfiction.
Thats girl is just like Emma Wozniak
by Emma Wozniak November 17, 2017
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When you funnel your gray beard into another person's orifice
W: I gave Julia a dirty Wozniak. She was picking hair out of her for days.
by Wozy October 6, 2017
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