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Douchebag...no way around it, and he knows it.

Founded Apple by robbing another man who did all the work for him (Wozniak). The only reason he is so popular is because of his ultimate salesman persona, that allowed him to captivate and trick 3% of the general PC using public.

What people fail to realize is that the reason 98% of people use PC's is because most people like the idea of generosity, economic flexibility and freedom. Apple is none of these things, and the single BIGGEST Big-Brother company of all time.

Wozniak is the true genius behind Apple, a good man and a humanitarian, and Jobs robbed him. Wozniak himself was so disgusted with Jobs business policies that he gave his millions to a laid-off Apple employee and quit. He has yet to return, and I know he never will.

Bill Gates gives billions to charity. Linus made his platform free. Steve Jobs acts like he's high and fucking mighty because of his supposed 1$ salary. I CALL BULLSHIT ON THAT ONE.

TL:DR- Jobs is the ultimate self-inguldent douchebag of all time, and it is his policies and his policies alone that make Apple what it is. If you like overpriced technology that does less, bullshit customer service that robs you of buckets of money unfairly and want to be a part of the most elitist cult of all time, you have Steve Jobs to thank.
I don't need an example of Steve Jobs, enough has already been said.
by AboveTheIgnorance May 04, 2011
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The pinnacle of Marijuana Perfection. Its a paste, so you can use it anywhere you want. Tastes like honey, divine. The best of the best, legalize it. The past, present and future of Marijuana to the world.

Used by George Washington!
That IS my example. Honey Hash was used by George Washington when he had toast for breakfast. Legalize Prop 19
by AboveTheIgnorance May 06, 2011
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