You were born..
You learned to step...your baby steps.
Everybody was watching over you..
Just to make sure you wouldn't fall.

As you grew up, you were so eager to step.
You kept stepping.
You wide opened your eyes and were so ready to explore the world around you.
That was had a sense about meanings of life.

Then, there was a time you felt tired..
You stepped slowly..

Then you were loved...
You stepped in joy.

As you grow old, mature you have become..
You learn how to make one step forward and two steps back.

There are times that you have missteps..
But you get up and keep stepping.

Never stop stepping..
That's a sense of living.
How many steps do you step per day? Make your steps count..
by JVeverMind August 30, 2021
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New shoes. Mostly refers to shoes that are desirable and/or stylish. Similar to kicks.
"Hey man check out these new steps i got last night."

"Man, those steps are tight!"
by IsaacMCelis February 20, 2010
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lines shaved into the side of your head using clippers.
kid: can you gimme some steps?
hairdresser: i have never heard of those.
kid: well, just shave some lines into the side of my head.
by Charity Jule October 30, 2009
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Illinois public school system actually called the High School Attendance Program(HSAP)used to kick kids out of a class or give them an automatically failing grade due to too many truancies or unexcused tardy-truancies. A "second chance" is given when a students shows improvement in attendance and work/grade, a big meeting is scheduled with your counselor, parents and people from the district.
Joe: Shit son, why were you gone for the last two months of the semester? I thought you were only on step 2 in geology!

Alex: Shit, I got kicked out of school because of too many steps on ALL my classes! I'll year!
by LMLYM7 July 11, 2008
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challenging someone to fight, only used by a townie
(mock cockney accent) : oi u stepping to me cuz
by eekojxrs January 21, 2004
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Dilute or cut a drug like cocaine with another substance such as powdered milk.
You can step on this stuff three times and it'll still be the best in the State.
by sevenhn December 14, 2005
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