An area in Tower Hamlets that is over-populated by Bengalis...which makes it the finest place of London's eastend...however, due to the gradual increase in Somalian people, this may not be so becos nobody likes Smellians...
"sling yer 'ook outta Stepney u fackin Smellians"
by 5m0k3y June 17, 2007
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a very vibrant person that can always make you smile. she is the best friend you will ever have and she will be the sunshine in your life.
Everybody needs a friend like Stepney.

Stepney is the sunshine in my life, and it never rains when she is around.
by MichaelaxP January 23, 2011
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Stepney rascals is another name for your testicals
I got kicked in the Stepney rascals, I’ve got quite a bad rash on my Stepney rascals
by Artful-Bob June 3, 2020
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an Ecstasy Tablet, a pill, a round'un...
''Ere mate know where i can get any stepney weasels?''
by Alex Wright October 3, 2005
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A dogshit school filled with stupid motherfuckers who don't know anything. The headteacher is another wanker who has his priorities in the wrong places. There are a few sick teachers but for the most part, they're shit

A Church school filled with Asians, what more could you ask for. They need to realise there's more to the school then trying to suck up to the education board with a great appearance and shitty teaching
Person 1: Man I can't wait to leave Stepney All Saints, that place was a shithole worth nothing
Person 2: Don't lie though, you gonna miss them peng tings you always talk about
Person 1: Nah, they're clapped anyways. I need to go learn something fr
by ADSAM BITCH January 31, 2021
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Exo-skeleton of a cockroach, brain of a human, metabolism of a hummingbird and pincers of a pistol shrimp. Survival instincs of a tardigrade and political beliefs of a nazi. He's the fastest draw in the west and an all round good chap. Handsome too! Ladies love a Stepney.
Wow, did you see that Stepney walk past just then?
by Steppers2 October 11, 2020
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A talented person who can please any girl with a muscular physique and unexpected personality
Tony Stepney is a All around good person
by Tommy Edward Stanley November 1, 2011
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