Stephen Harper, the most damaging political figure in Canadian history.

See also: Emperor Harperius Mandatorius Minimus (self-promoted)

It has been scientifically proven that Stephen Harper is consuming oxygen and water that would be better utilized by more inteligent and beneficial creatures, such as cockroaches, syphillis spirochetes, and the herpes virus family.

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The first Prime Minister of Canadian history to have EVER been found in Contempt of Parliament, to which he responded "The Canadian people don't care about that..."

If the Canadian People REALLY don't care about this MASSIVE abuse of power and attack on the people of Canada, then we can kiss Canada as we know it goodbye on May 2nd, will not survive another round of Stephen Harper.

Harper has stated in no uncertain terms that, if reelected (despite his not being eligible to run again due to his Contempt of Parliament), he will ramrod through an "Omnibus crime bill" within 100 days or his return to the Office Of The Emperor of Canada.

This "omnibus crime bill" will CREATE ENOUGH NEW CRIMINALS to fill his 9 BILLION dollar "new and refurbished prisons" to capacity, and then some, by making many current activities crimes with mandatory minimum prison terms that have already shown to be an expensive, useless and detrimental failure in the USA, while doing absolutely NOTHING to reduce crime rates.

If Harper is allowed to regain his throne, we WILL see a private prison system in Canada, even though we've already tried it and it failed miserably, and those private prisons have already been shut down.

There comes apoint where doing the wrong thing over and over again MUST eventually prove that it's still the wrong thing, no matter how many attempts are made to make the wrong thing "the thing to do."
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Stephen Harper: the worse thing that has ever happened to the world, rivaled only by George W. Bush, Fox News and Brian Mulroney. Currently a member of the Canadian Fascist party. Intends on turning Canada into a puppet regime (for the states). Also a word associated with anything negative.
-Oh shit, the baby just Harpered over itself
-Some dog took a Stephen Harper on the lawn
-I'd get pizza for dinner if only Stephen Harper wasn't PM
by Mac N April 8, 2006
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A heartless, bat-shit crazy, beady eyed, Evangelicalism faith following, fat sack of trash that doubles as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. In October 2006, this hot pile of garbage was elected the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada leading the Conservatives to a minority Government with a mere 36.2% of the popular vote.

Under the Harper lead Conservatives; Canadians have enjoyed significant cuts to once leading social programs, public health care system, and scientific research initiatives. While true, Harper enjoys performing Lucifer pleasing musical numbers on elephant tusk Grand Pianos; his true passion is delivering large corporate tax cuts with a particular affinity for the Alberta Oil and Gas sector.

Continual development of the Alberta Oil Sands under Harper’s Conservative government has impressively illustrated Canada’s new, complete lack of urgency in honouring UN commitments. As such, Japanese doctors are desperately performing continual surgery hoping to restore the 2005 Kyoto Accords’ ruptured testicles. Underwhelmed, Canada continues with swift, repeated, direct kicks to the Accords’ balls.

Harper holds the distinguishing honour as the party leader of the first Government in Commonwealth history to lose the confidence of the House of Commons on the grounds of Contempt of Parliament.
"Hey sweetie, that nasty skid mark in your undies looks just like Stephen Harper’s face.”
by andymack April 28, 2011
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1. A right wing Christian Fundamentalist who has been elected as Prime Minister of Canada by supporters of large corporate entities, and average tax payers who were being robbed blind by the previously governing party.

Mr. Harper's main political platform was on government ethics, and was an outspoken critic of Members of Parliament who trade thier party memberships for lucrative cabinet positions (see Belinda Stronach). However, on the very day of being officially sworn in as Prime Minister, Mr. Harper announced his newest Minister of International Trade David Emerson (A Liberal Party MP until that day).

2. A wolf in sheeps clothing.

3. A hypocrite
I just can't trust that man. I think he'll turn into a Stephen Harper.
by JM1000 April 18, 2006
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Over reaction to political graft. I.E. When the liberals started openly stealing from taxpayers, Conservatives elected an un-electable Nut to oppose him. The reasoning in this is way beyond the average Canadian. For more information see George W. Bush
I'd rather elect a Thief like Paul Martin than an openly insane nutjob like Stephen Harper
by Wonderer September 4, 2005
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A total right-wing, reactionary, neo-Nazi, fascist, Albertan-loving nutjob of a moron. He is the leader of Her Majesty's "Loyal" Opposition in Canada's House of Commons.(although I doubt he lives up to his title) He hates immigrants, wants Alberta to succeed from Confederation, join America, privitize all the public services and, after 4 years of Mr. Harper and the NCP(New Crony Party), Canada's going to look like the new 51st state.
Fuck Harper and his idiotic cronies. Choose your Canada. Vote Liberal.


Whoever who votes for the NDP or Bloc should be hung.
by Mr. Kingdom March 14, 2005
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