She is the person who always smiles and lights up a room she makes people happy and can be funny she is intelligent and is very smart. You are lucky if you know someone names Harper. She is beautiful and is like a goddess. She will stand up for what's right. She may be offending at first but she comes around.
"Oh there's Harper"!
"I know I am just going to have the best time with her".
by Life is good February 26, 2017
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Harper is the coolest and flyest girl you will meet, she is super funny, and knows how to make you laugh. She is also super cute. Most boys wish they had a Harper.
Wow! Look at her! She's amazing! Her name must be Harper
by Parkerdsh January 10, 2017
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Harper is a girl that is very kind and when she meets you she will care for you with all of her heart and she will never let you down . She will help you in JUST A LITTLE situation. She will never give up on you !
Harper “l will never give up and l will always be your friend
by Jade howe November 23, 2017
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A beautiful girl with way to many friends. She will always have your back no matter what, she’s a short girl with dark hair she’s insecure about herself but she really is gorgeous! She’s a flirt and a great kisser she’s also athletic and pretty smart she’s always standing for what she thinks is right and if you ever meet a Harper in your life make sure to keep her close🙂
Boy:I wish I had a Harper

Boy #2:Same
by Savanna826 April 25, 2019
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The hottest bitch y'all ever meet. She is so hot that I melt every time I come near her, so then I have to walk away. I may have low standards but harper DAMMMMN I've never met such an amazing, beautiful, GORGEOUS HUMAN in my life. She is the person who always smiles and lights up the room. I know that some people may not agree with me, I've even heard people saying that she is a backstabber, and is so rude (Idk if that is true). I don't mind if I get to see that GORGEOUS face again. I think I am simping for her. I LOVE HARPER TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.
"DAMN BOI, she is so HOT, she MUST be harper"
by _juicebox._ November 23, 2020
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Harper is a bombass dude that everybody loves. People wish they were bffs with Harper. Harper has a best friend that is a girl. She super great. Periodt sis.
Harper is so crazy but he’s great bro. 🤪
by This boy needs some milk🥛 November 15, 2019
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A girl who will seperate you from you friends and than backstabbyou. In the end she will go back to the friends she said she hated 3 weeks ago and leave you for the wolves.
Girl 1:Why does that girl keep staring at me like that?

Girl 2:She is a Harper.

Girl1: Oh that explains everything
by Ur mom I am March 26, 2013
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