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1. A right wing Christian Fundamentalist who has been elected as Prime Minister of Canada by supporters of large corporate entities, and average tax payers who were being robbed blind by the previously governing party.

Mr. Harper's main political platform was on government ethics, and was an outspoken critic of Members of Parliament who trade thier party memberships for lucrative cabinet positions (see Belinda Stronach). However, on the very day of being officially sworn in as Prime Minister, Mr. Harper announced his newest Minister of International Trade David Emerson (A Liberal Party MP until that day).

2. A wolf in sheeps clothing.

3. A hypocrite
I just can't trust that man. I think he'll turn into a Stephen Harper.
by JM1000 April 17, 2006

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1. A traitor of the Canadian political system.

2. A liar of the worst kind.

3. A Canadian Member of Parliament who was elected as a Liberal, then became a Conservative Party member two weeks after the election to accept a lucrative Cabinet position as Minister of International Trade.

Mr. Emerson refuses to give up his riding, despite public outrage of his own constituants, several nationwide petitions, and an investigation by the ethics commision of Canada.
'I know you just hired me, but your competitor has offered me money in exchange for my moral character, so I am pulling a David Emerson'
by JM1000 April 17, 2006

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