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A heartless, bat-shit crazy, beady eyed, Evangelicalism faith following, fat sack of trash that doubles as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. In October 2006, this hot pile of garbage was elected the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada leading the Conservatives to a minority Government with a mere 36.2% of the popular vote.

Under the Harper lead Conservatives; Canadians have enjoyed significant cuts to once leading social programs, public health care system, and scientific research initiatives. While true, Harper enjoys performing Lucifer pleasing musical numbers on elephant tusk Grand Pianos; his true passion is delivering large corporate tax cuts with a particular affinity for the Alberta Oil and Gas sector.

Continual development of the Alberta Oil Sands under Harper’s Conservative government has impressively illustrated Canada’s new, complete lack of urgency in honouring UN commitments. As such, Japanese doctors are desperately performing continual surgery hoping to restore the 2005 Kyoto Accords’ ruptured testicles. Underwhelmed, Canada continues with swift, repeated, direct kicks to the Accords’ balls.

Harper holds the distinguishing honour as the party leader of the first Government in Commonwealth history to lose the confidence of the House of Commons on the grounds of Contempt of Parliament.
"Hey sweetie, that nasty skid mark in your undies looks just like Stephen Harper’s face.”
by andymack April 27, 2011

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Related brother or brothers speaking in a loud, exaggerated bad pseudo gino language.
the retard brothers are acting like a couple hyenas.
by andymack November 28, 2010

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