1.A disease carried by blood sucking monsters, a.k.a women,
who disguise themeselves as beautiful desirable beings to ruin a mans life.
2. see succubus
Gabe is such a whore, she fucked around on tommy and now he has syphillis.
by Luke Shambaugh May 4, 2006
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This is where a normal end user , who thinks that they are invulnerable to viruses and hacker attacks, does a scan on their machine to reveal that they actually have been infected with viruses that number more than the number of files on their machine.

This is typically an end user of the 1d10t level, who thinks that the monitor is often called a TV.

medical transcriptions fall into this category very clearly.
Yep, that girl Danene, she got hacker syphillis.
by Bill W March 23, 2004
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