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A long process where one persistently flirts and talks with a girl via text, msn, facebook etc. until you (eventually/rarely) "tap that ass".
"Joe is a grafting machine! Everytime I see him he's texting some female..."
by EWS16 January 18, 2010
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To work.
it bassically means work - whether physical or mental.
1) alec: why u got so much money in ya bank u rich cunt!?
Adam: Ive done 4 weeks hard graft for that so i deserve it ya PRIK!
2) Its been a hard day of graft dad, so get out that chair and let me chill with the tele 4 a while!
by Adz H January 10, 2006
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1) to work (esp. hard work like a builder etc. not really used for jobs like a lawyer but can be)

2) to function (if something grafts then it works, if it doesnt graft it is broken)

3) to steal
Ex. 1)
P1: you getting madded tonight?
P2: i cant ive got to be up early tomorrow for graft.

Ex. 2)
P1: let me show you this website i found its deadly
P2: you cant mate my shitty computer doesnt graft anymore.

Ex. 3) dosser thief: we off out on the graft tonight ive scoped the perfect gaf??
by forder89 April 19, 2010
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To graft is to make an obvious, concerted, prolonged effort to make out with and/or have sex with a girl, usually without success
Dude #1: Did you bang that girl? I saw you grafting on her all night bro

Dude #2: Nope, she wasn't having any of it :(
by ofrichmahogany November 11, 2010
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To flirt heavily with a girl, in the hope of having sex with her
gonna get a graft going tonight
by eyeball paul March 19, 2007
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To use political power for personal gain. "Graft" is a term used first during the "Gilded Age" (late 19th century.
Boss Tweed showed extreme graft in the 1880's when he pocketed $10 million that he said paid for Tammany hall.
by Fawkes December 01, 2004
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the act of flirting outrageously with somebody, it can become addictive. mainly used by players and ultimate legends.
orite mert you see that AJ graftin again, its like he wants to be a JAY
by theulyimategrafter April 30, 2011
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