Canadian Prime Minister from 1984-1993 who was the best damn thing to happen to Canada since Sir John A. Macdonald.

1. He was responsible for FTA and NAFTA, which saw Canadian companies gain profit by expanding into the United States and Mexico.

2. He replaced the MST with the GST, which helped the Canadian government get out of deficit by using the consumer tax as a source of government revenue.

3. He drafted the Meech and Charlottetown accords to bring Quebec into the Canadian federation, unfortunately the libtards under Trudeau and Chretien had to destroy it.

4. He worked with other nations in the commonwealth and Africa to help bring an end to apartheid in South Africa.

5. He signed an acid rain agreement with the States in 1991, and was recently voted Canada's Greenest PM in history.
Brian Mulroney was so good he pwned the Libtards for 9 years and still had a story to tell.
by Canadian historian July 17, 2008
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