A group of persons or nations with various political beliefs united for a common cause.
Former Eastern bloc countries inculde Poland and Hungary.
by OneBadAsp November 2, 2006
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Noun: Outfits usually to signify alliance with other coalitions.
Queer punks in black bloc ready to take on the world.

-Jordan Jackson "Field Notes: Hog Wild with the PNW Youth Liberation Front"
by rimlessGlasses October 14, 2019
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Bloc is a mystical creature and half human and half Spider-Man. He comes from Antarctica and rides on horses
Omg do you see that BLOC over there

Bloc bloc bloccity bloc
by Mystery Bloc 2058 January 21, 2019
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Orginates from the band "Bloc Party"
a word used to describe a cutting edge Indie Kid or cuttung edge thing.
"Look At Bloc"
"Thats a pretty Bloc Record You've Got There Dr.Spong
by Dr. Spong February 16, 2005
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A “meme” of a human being that’s in a friend group and is regularly lampooned, embarrassed and otherwise humiliated for comedic effect, especially in front of the opposite sex. Many of them embrace their memehood and become caricatures of themselves.
“Bro Blake is such a fucking Bloc like what the fuck
by Blocster04 December 22, 2019
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Big Lesbian On Campus, used to refer to a lady who all the other ladies want.
Person 1: Who is that gay girl?
Person 2: I dunno, but she's a total BLOC
Person 1: I know. I'm not gay and I even want to eat that muff!
by tickdickler June 25, 2011
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A segment of time, 10 minutes.
I'm on my way, I'll see you in like 3 blocs.
by Walker V February 26, 2008
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