The most caring guy in the world. Always puts others before himself. Smart and funny. Charming beyond all other guys. Smooth talker but can be a smart ass. Loyal friend and boyfriend. When he loves you, he lets you know and he never lets you go. Gives the best hugs and is an amazing kisser. Worth waiting your whole life for. Sexier than all other guys and is the definition of sex appeal. Perfection at its greatest. Tall and handsome.
Stacy: I wish I was dating a Stephen, he seems like a perfect boyfriend.

Emily: Yeah, my boyfriend is such a Stephen.
by ilovestephen<3 April 03, 2010
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Stephen is a very special man. Very down to earth and definately thinks for himself. The best husband and dad anyone could ever ask for. Also probably the most intelligent man in the world. He will look out for anyone he loves and he has a big heart. He will also fight for them and put them before himself. Stephen is not a man you let slipped passed you. If you keep him in your life your golden!
Who's that amazing guy?
That's Stephen (:
by Jeremy Richardson June 05, 2011
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An amazing, adorable, sweet guy who makes for a great friend. Stephens often go for the wrong girl when the right one is right in front of him. They have an outgoing personality and are often very loud and energetic. A Stephen always gives the best hugs and kisses. Their hugs are so tight since they are super strong and their kisses make you melt. A Stephen is usually a tall guy who loves to pick up, kiss, and twirl his girl. They're just the best.
Girl: Why is he going of with her and not Sam?
Boy: He's a Stephen, what do you expect. He picked the wrong girl.
by Honeybun a November 19, 2012
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The guy that often gets passed by because no one gets to know him. He is funny, smart, witty, sincere, sweet, nice and HOT. He is an amazing guy. His only flaw is that he doesn't tell the girl he likes that he likes her.
Girl: Why would you like Stephen?
Girl2: because, hes amazing
Girl: whatever...
<girl walks away>
Girl2: i love you stephen
by KristaGurlie February 21, 2010
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Nice guy with a good attitude. You'll never see Stephen in a bad mood. He laughs and makes jokes all the time. He's very outgoing and social, and once you become friends with him, you'll never stop. He is truly amazing and unique. Once you meet a Stephen, you'll never stop thinking about him.
Oh man, that guy is so nice and funny. I'll bet he's a Stephen.
by llamaperson March 28, 2013
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A sweet boy that keeps to himself until you really get to know him. He can make you smile on your worst days and laugh when you're about to cry. Stephen is a true gentlemen and no girl out there deserves him.Stephen has breathe taking green eyes you'll die. He is a perfect human being and every girls dream no matter how much he denies his flawlessness. You'll fall in love the first time you kiss and the rest is history.
It's Stephen with a ph.

by dari queen March 30, 2015
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