V. To "Stephen" or to "Pull a Stephen" is to do something completely outrageous in public without concerning those around you. This usually involves some sort of sticky liquid, e.g. cola being sprayed everywhere.
Dude, put the pop down... we don't want anyone pulling a Stephen around here.
by TheodoricJ February 14, 2009
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a tall skinny guy, a sex crave for sure. couldl get anyone he wants, major player but nobody cares because he's so damn sexy.
girl: stephen and i screwed last night.
other girl: oh really i screwed him last night too.
by Abbriellle February 21, 2009
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A delicious and healthy portion of manmeat, Stephen is a half Irish, half Greek man with a distinguished nose, gorgeous dark hair, and a sweet personality. He's loving, gentle, romantic, talented, a really cute dork, and an overall sweet heart. Not to mention, he was blessed by the Greek gods in every way. Specifically in the area where one can deserve the nickname Priapos - a god with a very huge penis. Mmhmmmm. Stephen knows how to work it.
Oh, Stephen shakes my loins up like an angry Zeus.
by Bluebird82 February 06, 2010
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The name is of Greek origin and means "crown".

It is also the name of an adorable guy with puppy dog brown eyes and mixed heritage who likes to take his time doing things. 'Likes to take his time' can translate to a variety of meanings but most often it translates to mean he is late to every single event or party he attends. He is also always late picking up people to take them to said party or event.

But we still love him (and so does his girlfriend)!
One hour after the party started...
Abby: Where's Stephen?
Elizabeth: Oh, he's still at home getting ready for tonight.
by imissoliver August 09, 2009
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Stephen's are usually very sporty people and usually star in Soccer, Gaelic and Boxing. They make very trustworthy friends so you should keep them close. They are very attractive lads. They are usually friends with people names Jack or occasionally Warric.

Stephen's fall for girls called Aoife in a blink of an eye.
Stephen is so sweet and unreal at soccer!!
by bababbabafoijvc November 30, 2013
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