She is shy at first but once you get to meet her she is one crazy motherfucker . She is kind, funny,and just amazing to be friends with. She is the only person you would want to be with at any time. Kimberly will cheer you up if you are sad. If you mess with Kimberly she would kill you.
Person1: who is that ??
Person2: That's Kimberly

Person1: she is super pretty I think I'm in love.
by Sierra510 January 25, 2018
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Kimberly is an amazing girl. The moment you lay eyes on her you will fall in

love. Shes like no other girl you have ever met. Shes the type of girl who you

want to be with for the rest of your life and grow up or older with. If your the

type of person who can talk up any girl, you ll have trouble with Kimberly. She

makes you nervous and makes your heart pump faster than it ever has. If your

honest with her then you'll get close to her and shell become your best friend,

you'll realize shes more than just beautiful but someone who you cant be mad at

and someone who you can never have too much of. Kimberly will make you laugh

like no other. Shes the type of girl you can talk to for hours on end and never

get bored of. She always has something to say and her voice is sweet. Her lips

are the softest shade of pink and her button nose compliments her big brown

eyes. Shes the cutest girl ever and an amazing friend, shell always be by your

side and you'll always be by hers.
Kimberly is the best person there is!
by danydan October 21, 2013
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Beautiful, sweet, and caring girl. She's the most unique girl in the world and she's definitely eye candy. Many guys like her, but there's only one that she will always love/like. There's one guy that will always change the way she feels because she's determined to only stay with one guy. Kimberlys are loyal, trusting, and down to earth. Kimberlys enjoy the simple things in life, if you catch one, you're a lucky person. Anyone dating a Kimberly hit the jackpot and the lottery.
Me: I'm dating Kimberly.
Other person: You're such a lucky person, she's beautiful!
by ldkdkaksd November 2, 2015
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A very marvelous girl. She loves to draw and make people smile. Her hair is very thick and beautiful and her smile can brighten anyones day. She laughs at everyones cheesy and cringey jokes and she is the true definition of beauty.
Person 1; Wow dude this girl is amazing!
Person 2: She must be a Kimberly
by Hasuko67 September 4, 2017
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She is an amazing women. She is very creative and outgoing. I have a Kimberly and she is very open about her emotions but be careful you don't want to get on a Kimberly's bad side or she'll literally kill you physically and mentally or emotionally. Let's just say she can be aggressive but also a very loving person. Hopefully if you have a friend as a Kimberly your a lucky person. They will listen to any of your problems and in some cases help you with them. And if a Kimberly finds out her best friend is hurt she will come in and help her friend.
Hey look there goes Kimberly about to fight someone
by Whitefox45 May 31, 2018
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Kimberly is beyond beautiful yet she does not realize, No matter how many times you say she is, she chooses to reject the compliment. She is ghetto as fudge haha she is so funny as well. When you are having a bad day just seeing her or hearing her will make your entire day. Her smile brightens up the whole room and her laugh how it adds even more beauty onto her. There is much more to describe her but I'll end it here.
Kimberly is beautiful
by Kskndnieoxnsuwpsjso November 29, 2013
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An amazing person. Is really smart and gorgeous. She has a great disposition and personality. Anybody who meets her is automatically lucky in my opinion. It's not everyday you see somebody as special as Kimberly. She sends these awesome texts and uses this face:^.^ a lot to express her feels. She is really beautiful and an awesome person to hang out with and to hug. I am super lucky to be her's.<3
Jen: Is that Kimberly.
Jen: Hey where'd Payta go?
Payta:*fell in love instantly with her*
by Payta June 16, 2013
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