An alpaca is like a llama but in appearance they seem a little more chubby! They are cute, fluffy and very shy! They also are known to be a little kinder then llamas as llamas spit more often. Alpacas are awesome!
Alpaca: *exists*
Everybody: yayyy :D
by Thefroglover January 5, 2021
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Alpacas are the savior summoned from the supernovas in the andromeda galaxy. That where brought to us to save us from the evil llamas and their fortnite kids. First they took over Saturn to breed so they can out number the llamas. But here on earth they have been seen as a joke and acted dumb to spy on the llamas. When people annoy them too much they have to use 0,0001% of their power to spit on them. And when humans inevitably destroy themselves trying to juggle three atomic bombs the war will begin. It will be long lasting but it will settle year 69420 when the most powerful alpaca of them all, the alpacorn (an alpaca with a horn from a unicorn) will strike for the last time and the alpacas will rise victorious standing on the corpses of the llamas. Then they will rebuild society way better than we could ever imagine. After centuries of ruling they would have concord the whole universe we live in and will begin ascending to to higher dimensions and states of existence. When they are done ascending they would have reach complete control over time and space. They would dethrone god I and take his place and rule over all the universes for eternity.
by Alpacka lover October 12, 2020
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The most mischievous animal on the face of the earth. Alpacas are behind aaaalll things devious. Your lost ipod, the gum in your hair, everything. FEAR THE ALPACAS!!
The alpacas stole my lunch money
by A_jar_squid January 25, 2010
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When a person or animal act a certain kind of wonderful when not under control of themselves
Last night was crazy good thing I'm just an alpaca
by Barracudabtch June 2, 2014
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An animal, usually mistaken with llamas, that seems very beautiful and will try to hypnotize you until they eat your brain
That girl was killed by an Alpaca yesterday, i told her to stay away from that devil
by euzinha November 24, 2013
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Alpaca is term that refers to any weapon with a greater destructive force than a shotgun. I.e a rocket launcher or something of that nature.
Example: "Bruh, I got the alpaca now let's fuck shit in grand theft auto."
by Helping deep October 7, 2015
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