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Humble in spirit or manner,
to have humility.
God's Cure for Pride, Arrogance and Haughtiness

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Main Entry: hu·mil·i·ty
Pronunciation: hyü-'mi-l&-tE, yü-
Function: noun
: the quality or state of being humble
Jesus said, I am meek and lowly in heart.

Meekness is one of the fruits of the Spirit, qualities that we must possess if we are led by the Spirit.

by Heather k November 19, 2006
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the word "meeks" refers to a lot of things, both a state of mind, an activity and a general expression of feelings. It's origin comes from the title song to "Fresh Prince in Bel Air", where Will Smith says' "Chillin out max'n, and relaxing all cool".. The phrase max'n became meeksn, and from there on, the word was made.
Meeks! - An expression of joy
I'm meeksing - "I'm just chilling/relaxing"
You are so meeks! - You are laidback and cool
by Andreas Berg May 23, 2006
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Extremely damp in an unpleasant way. Being sticky when there is no reason to be.
"Did you shake Georgia's hand on the way in?"
"No way mate! She's meek!"
by Meek Madness October 01, 2016
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A person who looks a hell of a lot older than they actually are, usually due to early growth of masses of facial hair.

Inspired by 18 year old Danny Meeks - well known ice-skater, who actually appears to be in his late 40's.

'Woah dude, is that your dad?'
'No, that's my 18 year old brother.'
'SHIT! What a Meeks.'
by SaveMarlaSinger June 15, 2008
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when you provoke someone then get fucked up & become a laughing stock
"Damn bruh. You just got meeked"
by MoonZee June 12, 2016
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