The most amazing guy you'll ever meet! He is sweet, kind, loving, insanely hilarious, and all around awesome! He is the best guy ever. You'd love him so much. And he rocks the puppy-filter on Snapchat!
Girl 1- "My boyfriend is so loving! He cares so much!"
Girl 2- "That must be a Stephen"
by peaches0234 May 26, 2016
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The most amazing guy ever, knows how to treat a girl right! Is extraordinary/beyond amazing in bed! Funny,sexy, smart, can have any girl he wants! But chooses to be with the dumbest girl in the world, all because he truly loves her!
by fgjdghfdkjlg July 29, 2009
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Stephen ... where to start. He's made some mistakes in his past, but he has realized what he's done. He knows just how to make anybody smile. He's the absolute sweetest bf. He has an amazing smile,laugh, and sence of humor. He's super cute, and a good listener. He is just an amazing guy
by Angel;) July 18, 2011
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Person 1: That girl is amazing
Person 2: Go and speak to her then
Person 1: Don't be silly, I', not Stephen!
Person 2: Good point.
by steve the stud December 26, 2009
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The most amazing person in the world. Scratch that, in space and everything that ever exsisted. He's a brilliant boyfriend who's always there to lay a smile upon my face. He's sweet, funny, an idiot (in a good way), totally original (also in a good way), a deep thinker, unpredictable and will always exceed your expectations. I'm quite possibly the luckiest girl ever to be with him. Stephen.. Remember that name as the name of the most spectacular person to ever walk this Earth. Stephen... My Stephen.
Stephen is super epic and everything an amazing man should be!
by crazy for senor February 02, 2010
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The most amazing, kind and beautiful boy in the world...always there and fun to talk to and be around and is also loveable and definitely not alone!
by allylovesStephen March 22, 2012
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The boy's name Stephen \s-te-phen\ is pronounced STEE-ven, STEF-en. It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "crown, garland". Variant of Stephanos. Biblical: Stephen was the first Christian martyr. Common until the late 18th century. Stefan is a German, Scandinavian, and Slavic form. Steffan and Steffon (STEH-fen) are Welsh forms. Actors Stephen Colins, Steve Martin, Steve McQueen, Steve Buscemi; songwriter Stephen Foster; physicist Stephen Hawking; author Stephen King; filmmaker Steven Spielberg; musician Stevie Wonder; computer entrepreneur Steven Jobs; film director Stephen Daldry.

Stephen is a very popular male first name and a very popular surname
by Amanda06178953 February 08, 2009
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