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Once a great game that was extrememly fun with both PVP and PVE. Then, the monkeys working for SOE decided to totally screw the game and ass rape the customers. Now its a horrible game that doesn't even deserve the title SWG.
"Wow, Star Wars Galaxies is a great game!"

"Was a great game, now its just a lumpy pile of crap"
by Gwidion September 27, 2006
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Star wars galaxies - or SWG - An MMORPG that was good up until the CU came in, then they brought in the NGE which totally ruined the game. Well, it destroyed the gam - it's now a totally different game. *sigh*. Now you can be one of 9 characters *raises an eyebrow* before you could be anything, I was TK/Ent which was fun - now it's crap so I cancelled my account.
In short - Used to be a good MMORPG now it's not, however nothing else even comes close to the character creation!
-Star Wars Galaxies-

MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
CU = Combat Upgrade
NGE = New Gaming Enhancements
TK = Teras Kasi
Ent = Entertainer
by Ririne January 02, 2006
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1. An impressively in-depth MMORPG in which one can endeavor to play as one of many mundane professions, such as Tailor and Cook and Architect. Players can also, of course, play as fighting characters and kill anything they encounter.
2. A waste of time.
Dude, I just got this new game, Star Wars Galaxies!
Woah. I haven't gone outside for a month, and my goldfish died.
by Andy September 14, 2003
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Very cool terrain generator and chat client.
Why use a chat room when you can pay $15/month for a chat room with terrain?
by Pyrus October 21, 2003
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a game in which the devs wont acknowledge the existance of pikeman
hey bob wanna go to the game tonight?
yeah ill just program a really crappy random generator for the pikeman class and missplace it, just give me a second
ok, o btw give teras kasi way too much crap
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MMORPG based in the Star Wars universe.

One of the advertised features of S.W.G. had been that you would be able to make your character into a Jedi if you did the right things. However, the "right things" involved a LOT of hard work and a lot of time. You could become a Jedi if you put enough hours in but it was a frustrating chore and not really worth it.

After enough bitching from the players, the makers of the game changed things around....and now it's so easy to become a Jedi that there are about 50 dozen Jedi players on each SWG server. While it's definitely cool to be a Jedi, it sort of contradicts the storyline of Star Wars, which says that at the time the game takes place (between the first movie and Empire Strikes Back) there weren't a million Jedi running around.
"All of my friends in Star Wars Galaxies have started doing the quests to become Jedi."
by Rabid_Caterpillar September 05, 2004
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An MMORPG based on the Star Wars franchise that would be really fun if it no longer contained noobs that want to become bounty hunters and/or jedis in one week. The community is in depth, and you can have fun doing pretty much anything, until you get good at it, then it begins to blow hard.
Typical SW nerd with no MMORPG background: OMG This game looks sooo sweet I wanna become a jedi just like luke yayyyy!!!

*1 month later*

by Joo Pants May 25, 2005
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