Once a great game that was extrememly fun with both PVP and PVE. Then, the monkeys working for SOE decided to totally screw the game and ass rape the customers. Now its a horrible game that doesn't even deserve the title SWG.
"Wow, Star Wars Galaxies is a great game!"

"Was a great game, now its just a lumpy pile of crap"
by Gwidion September 27, 2006
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Very cool terrain generator and chat client.
Why use a chat room when you can pay $15/month for a chat room with terrain?
by Pyrus October 21, 2003
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a game in which the devs wont acknowledge the existance of pikeman
hey bob wanna go to the game tonight?
yeah ill just program a really crappy random generator for the pikeman class and missplace it, just give me a second
ok, o btw give teras kasi way too much crap
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A MMORPG that has absolutely no resemblence to star wars.

A online pokemon game, changed just enough from the pokemon title to avoid a lawsuit.

A process by which Sony Online Entertainment can charge 15 dollars a month for a piece of software that is unfinished and will always be full of bugs.
by Dave October 13, 2003
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Similar to Auschwitz, but much, much worse to have to experience.
If you ever have to choose between a fiery death or playing Star Wars Galaxies for an hour, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD choose fiery death.
by rickybobby June 30, 2006
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A game that was designed around luring the majority of the Star Wars fanboys into paying $50 initially and then $15 per month in the very small hope that they could one day become a "jedi" in-game. Unfortunately, the process to become a jedi involves 50,000+ hours in the game and as such is impossible for anyone other than a loser sitting in his parents basement playing 15 hours per day.
I tried to pay rent this month but instead of working I was trying to get that next holocron so I could advance toward being a jedi in Star Wars Galaxies.
by GrandCow January 30, 2004
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Star wars galaxies - or SWG - An MMORPG that was good up until the CU came in, then they brought in the NGE which totally ruined the game. Well, it destroyed the gam - it's now a totally different game. *sigh*. Now you can be one of 9 characters *raises an eyebrow* before you could be anything, I was TK/Ent which was fun - now it's crap so I cancelled my account.
In short - Used to be a good MMORPG now it's not, however nothing else even comes close to the character creation!
-Star Wars Galaxies-

MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
CU = Combat Upgrade
NGE = New Gaming Enhancements
TK = Teras Kasi
Ent = Entertainer
by Ririne January 3, 2006
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