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Star wars galaxies - or SWG - An MMORPG that was good up until the CU came in, then they brought in the NGE which totally ruined the game. Well, it destroyed the gam - it's now a totally different game. *sigh*. Now you can be one of 9 characters *raises an eyebrow* before you could be anything, I was TK/Ent which was fun - now it's crap so I cancelled my account.
In short - Used to be a good MMORPG now it's not, however nothing else even comes close to the character creation!
-Star Wars Galaxies-

MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
CU = Combat Upgrade
NGE = New Gaming Enhancements
TK = Teras Kasi
Ent = Entertainer
by Ririne January 02, 2006
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SOE - short for Sony Online Entertainment, probably the biggest twats in the history of man.
They like to create games then slowly destroy them - or quickly in the case of Star Wars Galaxies where they created a great new gaming enhancements which actually sucked and lost them many customers, they are now putting back things that they took out because they just realised what a fuck up this 'NGE' is.
SOE: Check out our New Gaming Enhancements!
Customer: Damn it's crap now! SOE suck balls! *cancels account*
by Ririne January 02, 2006
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