Luring is a way of making money on MMORPGs, in example, Runescape, by tricking stupid n00blets to get killed and stealing their belongings
n00b: Cen u plz take me 2 Ardougne.
Lurer: Alright, follow me.
n00b: Ok, thx. -follows-
Lurer: Alright, we're almost there.
Lurer's Friend: -Ice blitzes the n00b-
n00b: OMG u lurer! -dies-
n00b: I gunna report u 4 luring me.
Lurer: You do that, retard
by Bokku Ga Kira November 15, 2007
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The term is from the norwegian language and is used to describe very smart persons, or people that look smart.
Markus: Hey Vetle, you are a luring
Vetle: God damnit, Markus. Of course I am.
by Vetle May 6, 2007
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To be happy; pleased; contented with a situation, an event or an activity.

Orgiin; Irish, specifically of the city Derry

Variants include, "Lured to the max"; "Lured as a bird"; "Lured off me baps"; "Luuuuured"; and "Lured as a beast"
"Dude, I just got a hole in one!"
"Lured, man."

"Wow, I just lost my virginity!!!"
"Luuuuuuuuured off me baps!!"
by unbornchickenvoices May 15, 2006
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Lure suggests the use of something that attracts, like "bait".
Industry often lures scientists from universities by offering them huge salaries.
by Chris Banach August 20, 2007
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something such as jewelry or flashy cars that kidnappers, pedophiles, and pimps use to hook small children and teenagers in to trusting them and going with them so they are away from their parents or guardians and can be exploited
The police matched the color and year of Tom's Viper with the lure used by the kidnapper, so they brought him in for questioning.
by Joe Boggs December 24, 2003
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A Luree is a biblical creature of Cythulu proportions. Known for its Super Mario fetishes, unleashing its hordes of children, and saying the phrase "i'm going to hit you". BE WARNED!!!! this ancient shape shifting creature is a walking fertility idol.
RUUUUUUUN!!!!!!! Luree and her 37 kids are coming

Mom: Luree is heading over
by Suriel December 19, 2013
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From As the World Turns, the pairing of Luke and Reid
I want to read a hurt/comfort fanfiction featuring Lure
by bkwerm November 28, 2010
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