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1. bubbly young woman with an unusual name. always fun to be around and is crazy in bed. a good kisser too, i hear. is very silly most of the time and always good for a laugh. has some ninja like qualities. can pop lock and drop things like any ghetto kid.
look at that girl over there, she's totally trying to be as cool as a Kasi
by marieieieieieie July 19, 2010
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a female who likes to spend more money that she has.
"Kasi, you cannot go to the bar and spend 80 dollars because you already bought 17 bags at the mall today!"
by nyc February 06, 2003
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A mysterious, colorful, intelligent chic. She is loyal to a fault and stands up for what she believes. She’s traditional yet has an open mind. She is quite unique and loves to build things. She is crafty and can out shoot any hunter. She can stop traffic with her beauty and she can read people as if she has ESP. You can try to fool her but she is one step ahead of you. She can befriend anyone willing but won’t hesitate to walk away and not look back once you betray her.
Kasi is someone I want on my side.
by Kkrenee January 27, 2018
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buy the domain for your diy blog
kasi is the name used for South Afica black's hoods.
I'm tsotsi from kasi
I am gangster from the hood.
by marvin October 01, 2004
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