Abbreviation for Neon Genesis Evangelion. A popular Japanese anime that began in 1995. The anime was written and directed by Hideaki Anno, and produced by Gainax.
Person 1 - You ever watch NGE?
Person 2 - Neon Genesis Evangelion? No, but I heard the ending sucked.
by SethXv November 29, 2006
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New Game Enhancements (NGE) is what, in my opinion, killed Star Wars Galaxies(SWG). The combat system, the interface, the movement, the professions, everything got changed. They boiled all the over 40 professions down to 6, making Jedi available for all pr0 l33t kiddz from the start.

After the release of NGE, the SWG-makers stated: SWG sucked before, and now it suck even more...
OMG, SWG sucks after NGE...
NGE killed SWG...
When NGE is released im gonna cancel my account...
by jodd-i August 17, 2006
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NGE (noun) is an acronym for 'Near Girlfriend Experience' (similar to that of Near Death Experience).

NGE is a state in which a relationship between a man and a girl, where the girl nearly sincerely became the boy's official girlfriend. Although many girlfriend type relationship behaviors occurred during the NGE period, such as kissing, holding hands, hugging, sleeping together, having sexual intercourse, sharing most intimate secrets, yet after going through all that and more, albeit having spent alot of time together, the boy and the girl did not end up as romantic lovers but went back to the status to when they first met due to some very deep difficult embarrassing reasons.

1. Joseph met Mary on their accounting class, and started dating, but in the end they did not become girlfriends and boyfriends or get married because Joseph found out Mary did not really like him but was actually a cheating whore and was only dating him because he was a nice naive guy who does whatever she want. After realizing that the real world is tough, harsh, cold, and fucked up, Joseph decided to continue living his life and Mary realized that she was a bitch and started to pursue Joseph back into what they had but Joseph denies because he knew the truth finally.

2. Joe met Joey when they were tutoring and they loved each other vastly until Joey told Joe that she had a boyfriend all the time and now they are going to get married. Joe sadly accepted the fact and just couldn't forget all the NGE stuff they did together.

3. Daniel met Rebeka during their high school periods. Rebeka is a very shy, self-centered, princess type girl who loves Daniel madly deeply but hasn't got the nerve or the motivation to start an actual relationship. But instead, she does what romantic lovers do all the time with Daniel, stimulating him, and attracting him so much, but won't give being a girlfriend for what he fuck god knows reason. Daniel then gives up and stops all contact with Rebeka, until he found out Rebeka found a guy who's a dick and treats her like shit but she's all over his cock like nom nom nom nom
by ilovegt5 December 4, 2010
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Fitting acronym for an individual that means Narcissistic Greedy Evilacular, and they tend to come with very unkept lawn with a putrid odor.
Girl, did you know I dated that guy Angel that Melissa is talking to at the bar right now? Do you think I should tell her that he's a NGE before she finds out the hard way?
by ThePuberty July 6, 2020
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Sad and loney person, likes food
Did u see that nge
by Omg_387 June 13, 2020
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1. The act of taking a great thing and making it totally worthless.

2. To make a community simultaneiously revolt against the over-seeing power.

3. To nerf beyond belief.
SOE and LA released the NGE and borked up a great game.
by Venkmen December 8, 2005
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