When you try to write "Satan" but you miss the first "A"
Hail Stan
by HonkHonkMemeDaddy December 17, 2018
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Stans are super crazy fans that like everything about that particular person. Some stans won't listen to any opinion you have or JUST straight up facts.
Stan: Did you hear Taylor Swift's new album! It was amazing!
Person: Eh, I did... it was ok
Stan: UM ok!? No, it was amazing! She outsold all of your faves
Person: Oh so selling equals talent now? She is an average singer with a nice tone but she isn't a Beyonce or Christina

Stan: Whatever
by Yopatatoes December 12, 2018
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The guy you don't really see much at work. But, he can be very loud and crazy, yet very nice. He is an outside-the-box thinker most of the time. He also likes music (presumably jazz), art, and some kind of hobby you never heard of before but it is actually pretty cool. More than likely a nerd. He is very talkative and most of the time knows what to say. Maybe he even plays an instrument. If you ever meet a Stan, become friends with the guy. There's probably more to him than just this definition.
Girl 1: Guess what guys? Anna has a crush!
Anna: Oh, no.
Other girls: Who is it?
Girl 1:It's Stan. You know, the tall nerd in English class.
Other girls: No way!
by RUSSIANDUDE72 January 18, 2019
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The highest stage of lung cancer, stage IV.
omg!!1!1!1 kpoop n dream!1!1! come on fellow 12 year old dream stans lets draw r34 of them!1!!!1!
by H55t_xyz December 9, 2020
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One of the four main characters in Southpark. Stan is supposed to be the average medicore one that in the end of the episode, gives the moral of the thirty minute episode.
Stan is normally the only one of the four who is pressured into situations which spin out of control.
Season 6 Episode 3: Asspen
Tad: Well well well, if it isn't Stan Darsh!
Stan: Oh no. (Stan puts his hand over his face)
Tad: Say Darsh, you don't mind if I take Heather out for
some fondue tonight, do ya?
Stan: Whos Heather?
Heather: Sorry, Stan, it's just that when it comes to
skiing, Tad has all the right moves.
Tad: I just might show her my moves tonight, if you
know what I mean.
Heather: You aren't mad, are you, Stan? I mean, a girl's
gotta look out for her best interests.
Stan: who are you people?! (voice cracks)
by ABI March 17, 2007
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Guy 1:bro the girl over there is hot
Guy 2:don’t go for her bro she’s a bts Stan
by Lobstersunday April 6, 2020
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Stan is the cutest, most loving, sweet and beautiful person you will ever know.
I'm lucky to have Stan in my life!
by dakodako October 30, 2020
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