someone who simps for someone as much as possible and tries to do stuff about them, no matter what, no matter the risk and no matter if they get hurt in the process
There was a song called "Stan" where there was a stan for a person (don't know who) and they killed themself because they never got to meet the person.
by PalkiaTurned8-bit February 7, 2021
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"Stan" fans. A stan is a particularly (perhaps excessively) avid fan and supporter of a celebrity, TV show, group, or a film or film series. The object of the stan's affection is often called their "fave". ... The word has been described as a portmanteau of "stalker" and "fan".
Girl1: I bias Jimin
Girl2: I am Jungkookie's biggest Stan.
by Khrome- March 1, 2018
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Hey, you guys wanna stan some weed?
by Reimmop June 25, 2021
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To obsess over and support a celebrity/influencer/etc.

Typically used in reference to stan twitter where people make fan accounts of the person they stan.
It’s very fuzzy as to where the word originated, but it’s believed to have been taken from Eminem’s song “Stan” about a STalker-fAN who supported him so hard to the point where it took a dark turn.
by mehemily September 5, 2019
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A strong supporter or fan of a person or concept. Originates from the Eminem song 'Stan', in which the rapper writes from the perspective of an obsessive fan of the same name.
1: What the hell is going on on Twitter right now?
2: Oh, the Ariana stans are try to get Thank U, Next to 100 million plays.
by woolyLambda May 1, 2019
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(Of a fictional character in a game, television show, or book)

To be obsessed, support and hold love for a specific character
“I really dislike Rosalina from the Mario series—sorry to all the Rosalina stan’s out there!”

“I stan Zelda from The Legend of Zelda series”
by whyisnothingavailable April 27, 2018
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