Darsh usually used as a male name. Its source is a Sanskrit expression meaning "Moonlight".
Darsh = Lord Krishna
Darshak = spectator
Darshan = vision
by Meera Jasmin July 8, 2009
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Absolute based chad. can recommend you the best movies and popular amongst the ladies. Absolute fortnite god and diagnosed with severe shizofrenia (not in a bad way). Bro is so sexy i wld turn gay for him.
Is that Darsh? Damn he is sexy and goodlooking and epic and awesome and funny and cool.
by bootynutter300 February 12, 2023
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Darsh, the handsme, funny and the guy you need to watch out for, the person with whom you can share all sorts of secrets. If you tell him something that should'nt be told to others , you have got the right person. Someone who would give you priceless attention when you are in a trouble. Either he would love you so much or hate you to the most. He has a good sense of humour due to which he has got a lot of friends.
Look out there hi is ,Darsh.
by robert clark drive November 24, 2021
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A word used as a quick-reference to "The Darshberg" which is like saying "The Coolest Kid" but maybe that this kid has a secret life, making him "Darsh"
"Did you see the Mad Kozentist this weekend?"
"Neither did I"
"He was with some other people"
"He doesn't have friends besides us...that must be a part of his secret life..."
"What a Darsh"
by The Koz February 24, 2005
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Darsh grinds any and every game that he can find, he grinded Fortnite, Valorant , Minecraft and now Brawl Stars. He manages to surpass almost everyone within a short time of starting a game. He also lacks the ability to touch grass and talk to women, god probably gave him this nerf cus he was too overpowered. All the homies love darsh, darsh loves all the homies.
Darsh: Sorry I'm homiesexual
by rohaan's father October 4, 2023
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Used primarily as an insult, the term "darsh" originally derived from an episode of South Park. In the said episode the character Stan Marsh was on a ski-trip and a random guy challenged him to a race. In an attempt to piss Stan off, the random guy said: "Stan Marsh... more like Stan Darsh!" And since then all the cool kids have been saying it.
"Way to go, you god damn darsh!"

"I just darshed that up, like whoa."
by LoveTHYconan August 8, 2005
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The extreme definition of ultimate perfection, Darsh has a monster cock that must be either tied around his leg or taped up his back. he invites his eshay mates over for gaming seshes and then an after-party of naked wrestling requiring someone to unwrap his monster cock.
"Today I got the honors of un-taping Darsh's monster shlong"
by Mr. Darsh123 February 19, 2020
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