A stan can be either someone who idolizes people, or someone who is wayyyyyyy to overly obsessed with someone.
I stan Technoblade
“Stan Techno losers”
by Dylan the idiot January 27, 2020
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The deity of a new age religion entitled "Stanism". Members of this religion pledge their oath to Stan and worship his figure. The deity, Stan, is a symbol of power and torment. The believed reincarnation of Stan is a man called by the name of "Tony". Tony is a great figurehead in the religion as well as an idol for the members. Members may sacrifice dogs, goats, women, and occasionally hamsters to Stan. Every month, members of the religion go on quests in which they engage intercourse with as many women as possible whilst pillaging small towns. They also engage in such activities as dismembering "furries" and castrating NAMBLA members. Members of this New Age religion listen to tribal music as well as bands such as Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, and other violent music. They also have formed a band which features prayers to Stan called "Stanic Slaughter".
"Dude, did you hear last night that your dog was raped by Stanic Slaughter?" - an example of talk about the religion

"There's something inside me.It's, it's coming out I feel like killing you. Let loose the anger, held back too long. Stan must now butcher thee" - a prayer occasionally said before a savage butchering

"I will eat this hot dog in name of Stan" - said before the consumption of every hot dog

"Hail Stan!" - an chant

"Stanic surprise!" - used before a great attack

"Savage butchery, Savage Stan!" - an oath

"URG URG URG URG" - a tribal chant of Stanic members
by Stanic Slaughter February 1, 2007
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Stan if a combination of the words "stalker" and "fan". Fans of famous people refer to themselves as "Stans" if they love and support them.
by Thehanniesstan September 13, 2017
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The sweetest person ever. He will never break you're heart. Very handsome, and has a way with words. If you happen to date a Stan, treat him like a king and never leave him. He won't seem it at first, but he'll prove to you he's the one.
"Who are you dating?" "My good friend. His name is Stan." "Wow you got yourself a Stan?! That's a keeper."
by Ashey89 May 18, 2015
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Someone who really likes a girl too much and repeatedly sends them embarrassing and obsessive messages despite not getting a message back, like the protagonist in the Eminem song ‘Stan’
Lucy: omg that James keeps messaging me, he’s such a Stan
by Veseylad50 November 8, 2018
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A Stalker Fan. This movement truly begun when bts became worldwide. although the term has been around for awhile it has only recently become a popular term. Typically the people who stan come off as creepy. Such as hounding over either a figure of importance in media or political standing. Most stans would go to any lengths for said person which gives off a unhealthy and borderline insane vibe.
Omg jessica is a stan over this youtuber it's so creepy!
by RayvinMadoki January 9, 2020
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The hybrid of a stalker and a fan.
Here's the formula for Stan:
Stalker + Fan = Stan

Stans, if they cross paths, usually like to start feuds with each other, especially on the Internet.
These feuds get so bad that they turn into pissfests.
Looks like Linkin Park as been bombarded by all these stans picking fights with each other online!
by whats_yo_name_pussycat March 10, 2018
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