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Staint Is a feeling of being sustained, usually from a narcotic of some sort.

It can also be used as a short term for sustained, as it the term “Staint” doesn’t have to be directly involved with a narcotic, however that is when it is most commonly used.
1. Derrick Drunk some lean and felt very Staint

2. Mom I ate this great donut at Krispy Kreme made me feel so Staint
by NJ in da buldin April 23, 2018
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STAINT- staintly-stainted-the ability to be so cocky, obnoxious, ghetto, goofy, savage, inappropriate, drunk, athletic, or not athletic, the ability to truly not be able to look your self in the mirror the next day in the best possible way, attitude, swager....their truly is no definition it just a way of life. baseball player or a girl a baseball player has hooked up with
man those staints were savage at the party.... the pounded four lokos, hooked up with ugly girls and fought a midget.

those staints have no talent but yet they still won the conference championship.

damn that girls a staint princess....she got stainted last night

those damn staints...we hate the staints
by kingstaint February 17, 2011
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high beyond one's belief. derived from the word "stoned".
1 - "Yo man, your eyes look pretty hazy."
2 - "Yeah, I just smoked two bowls of that ray-ray."
1 - "What are you high or something?"
2 - "Yes, I am pretty fucking staint."
by e-bendz September 12, 2006
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The staint or "Taint Stain" is used to describe the wet spot left behind on sheets by women after sexual intercourse.
Man that broad I hooked up with last night left a huge staint on my bed.
by T-Bear33 February 04, 2010
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The combination, often accidentally, of the words "saint" and "statue".
In Rome, there are many, many staints.
by Goofstickguy45 May 31, 2018
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Stained Taint
When you’re wiping your arse after taking a shit, and you accidentally wipe the shit on your taint
I just staint myself, right up to the balls
by Paddy_Power September 09, 2019
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