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NOUN - A donut, once eaten, makes the victim want more.
She always brings a stash of krispy kremes in the morning for breakfast.
by Enrique Perez November 16, 2003
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the undisputed Donut of the Gods.
When presented with a choice between Krispy Kreme donuts and a beautiful woman, a smart man will choose Krispy Kreme donuts every time; both can be quite delicious, but the Krispy Kreme donuts will never expect a diamond in return.
by themadjackal November 02, 2003
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-Man knocking at a Krispy Kreme resturant at 3AM in the morning
by A2P June 10, 2006
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Without a doubt, the world's best rapper. One time, he was swallowed by an anaconda snake. He then told the snake, that, he the snake had indeed made a great big mistake. All he had to do was go like "This" and just like that he killed him with his fist. This proves that Krispy Kreme is indeed the best rapper.
Tom: "Hey, did you hear about this rapper named Krispy Kreme?"

Bill: "No"

Tom: "He has 400 cars, 400 scars with 400 guitars. He has 400 houses, with 400 mouses and 400 houses. Also, compared to him, Jay-Z is lazy."
by Krispykremefan4life August 08, 2012
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The act of making a girl squirt on your face by eating her out and then putting your face in the freezer until it freezes at which point you peal it off and eat it like a potato chip. Gurl you’ve just been krispy Kremed
That girls pussy tasted so good I just had to Krispy Kreme
by Luigi Malone February 09, 2018
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Overpriced American crap masquerading as doughnuts. The price is ridiculous, the taste is disgusting and they are usually eaten by people with no sense of taste. Coming in numerous “flavours”, presumably to get people to continue trying them to find one that tastes other than sickeningly sweet. The company was founded by Vernon Rudolf in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1937 and has gone worldwide and downhill ever since. Apart from its revolting products the company is also well-known for its IPO and accounting scandals and is very quick to slope shoulders and drop the blame on someone. At the time of writing interest has been shown in its acquisition by the private German investment company JAB Beech, interesting as the company appears to have no outlets in Germany and, if they’ve got any sense, it never will have.
Krispy Kreme, the proof that, with enough advertising, you can get people to eat shit.
by AKACroatalin September 19, 2016
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