A self-containing prison with ironically no bars, gates or latches.
"Sure being a high school teacher is about as good as working in a cubicle, but at least I get tax deductions for target practice on the range."
by Machiavelli August 30, 2003
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1. A small "office" in which an employee loses all of their will to live let alone keep their job.
At work, I sit in a cubicle.
by Joe June 9, 2003
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It's like a bathroom stall only with lower walls and no door.
I work in a cubicle. :|
by NeinWunOne January 28, 2004
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A life and soul draining "room" where you spend far too much of your life. Often creates amazingly strong urges to either drink heavily or hang yourself. "Walls" make you think you're in a real office. You try to personalize your cubicle as much as you can to stave off the inevitable insanity which will result in not only the cubicle but also the workload which often comes with it.
Me: I had to spend the whole day in my cublicle.
Friend: You need booze. Here's some beer.
by Grim February 9, 2004
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Confining structure containing just three walls, as the designers saw to make them so restrictive the person sitting in it adds the fourth wall in their mind.

Cubicle dwellers are often starved for any and all types of human contact and often peek out of their cubicle at the slightest sound of activity. A loud enough activity will resonate a "prairie dog" position from the cubicle dweller, poking their head over the tiny little glass partition.

Locations of the most Minesweeper and Solitaire activity than any other place in the entire world.
When walking through a grid of cubicles, one often feels their very life getting sucked out of them.
by TheVoiceOfReason June 21, 2005
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If you stay in this cubicle for 40 hours a week for the rest of your life, you may earn a profit.
by Jimmy the dealer June 9, 2010
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A device which Satan and the U.S. Government designed together to slowly suck out the souls and personalities of unsuspecting citizens seeking financial stability.

Usually placed in the office building of a business, its main intentions are:

1.) To give its victim an eternity of suffering and purgatory before they even die.
2.) To rid its victim of his or her spontaneity, personality and life by micromanaging such things as dress codes and behavior, also known as fascism.
Person who works in a cubicle: "I work for a billion-dollar corporation while making a lower-middle class wage every year by working in a cubicle where my soul is slowly sucked away while working a 9-to-5 shift, adhering to a strict dress code and wasting 5 out of my 7 days of the week."
by semipunk93 April 23, 2011
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