The term "stainless" is a very popular term used by many UK drill artists . In the context of UK drill music the term "stainless" is used as an abbreviation to the phrase "stainless steel" and its used to describe kitchen knives and other stabbing weapons , which are weapons that tend to made out of stainless steel . Synonyms for the word "stainless" in drill include "shank" , "ching" , "knife" , "dipper" and "ying" . Verbs used to describe stabbing a person commonly used alongside with the noun stainless include "chinging" , "dipping" , "digging" , "shaving" .
UK Drill artist : "If I back that stainless i'll give him a shaving"
Translation : If I back that knife i'll give him a stabbing"
by Yo g wys February 8, 2021
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Noun - yes, a noun - designating a pistol, especially one that has a silver or 'stainless' - as in stainless steel - finish.
"Is that like a .380 - stainless?"

--question posed in the card-playing sequence of the movie Training Day, by the cholo whose name you never find out, to the Ethan Hawke character, Jake.


-->random, not-so-hypothetical bit heard just about anywhere you'd not wanna be after dark:

"Whatchoo pop his shit wit, dawg - dat muhfuckin' stainless?"

"Nah, bitch, I used my Glizock - the stainless iz fo' yo' shit. So watchyaself! We izout."
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A chick with braces with her mouth wide open to take hot load.
Dude, does your girl still give you head now that she has braces? Hell yea. Now I just drop my oyster in her stainless steel sink.
by Eaton Holgoode June 9, 2009
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A "step above" the infamous "cast-iron stomach", this term refers to a digestive tract that's supposedly so "bulletproof" that the eater can consume virtually anything that's even "remotely edible", such as burned/fermented dishes, food that's gone so stale that "even da dog won't touch it", etc.
A local farmer-family was gonna just toss a whole heaping bushel-basket full of overripe vegetables that they didn't wanna try to sell, but I hastily begged them to let me have the produce, since I have a stainless-steel stomach, and so I really didn't mind stuffing my face on squishy cucumbers, woody-skinned hubbards, and semi-flabby zucchini for da next few weeks, since it saved me something in Food Stamps. A bit of an insipid-tasting chore, to be sure, but fortunately I happen to really like cukes and squash. so it worked out okay for me.
by QuacksO November 15, 2018
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