An underrated genre of music commonly played in the cold streets of London and a genre of music were stupid white American kids make fun out of and say that UK Drill copied Chicago Drill and that our accents are 'Corny'. UK Drill is a mad genre of music that is better than Chicago Drill.
Jamal: Yo wagwan my guy what you saying?
Matthew: Nothing much my guy, have you heard Skengdo and AM's new tune, 'HB Freestyle' on Link Up TV???
Jamal: Rahhh that tune is too cold fam colder than the council estates heating!!!
Matthew: UK Drill is gonna be mad this year!!!
by SniperDigga360 February 10, 2019
The shittiest type of music, once the british kids found out about rap and the city chicago they started dick riding tryna sound like they also have a gang problem in the "cold streets" of london 😂😂 period.

UK KID: "We not from 63rd"
US ppl: "Shut the fuck up your british fuck go sip tea and use one of your only two insults" (calling us ppl fat or school shooters)
by vollyiscute June 11, 2022
Uk Drill is the best genre of music, there’s no buts of if’s it’s simply the best type of music out there

and it’s also really certy when u play it full volume on a Bluetooth speaker at a party
“ yo g have you heard Of drill “

no not really

“are u dizzy blud! uk Drill is the best music in fucking England “
by Wettie Don 2018 November 4, 2018
Some bad girl called emily can cone jump in my ferrari and losten to some opera and eat children
Emily come in hear,he said
Ooh youve got some air fried children calm,she exclaimed
‘Continues to play viennan opera

whilst crunching on the meat of unknown children’ they love uk drill
by Nee g har April 4, 2021