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Usually an exotically cultured person- If not, then she must have exotic features.

She almost never looks like her name should be Marcella, but it is. Marcellas always have either remarkable bodies or personalities- (or both in a rare breed)

Marcella is very oretty, outspoken, sometimes bossy, but for a good cause.

IRREPLACEABLE; rare; one of a kind.

You can guess someone's name is Ashley or Jasmine, but you can't guess someones name is Marcella.

Marcellas liven up their circle of friends, usually everybody's favourite friend, and makes their lovers want to say their name very slow and sexy.

Only lucky people get to meet more than three Marcellas in their lifetime, if you are one of those people, you should clap for yourself, if you are a Marcella, you deserve an award.

Make sure you keep your Marcella, because someone else just might take her from you. (and they will try)
My daughter is so lively, she's such a Marcella.
by Gigi Hefner November 23, 2009
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"Marcellus" A Greek god. Just change a few things like Marcellus to Marcella and god to goddess and then you have it! Song Marcella by the beach boys describes her.
Marcella is an Italian given name which is fitting for the romantic beauty.
Very mysterious to onlookers but to people who know her best: a comical, loyal, witty, organized, creative, really hot; she is a dang good listener!
Let Marcella pass you by, and miss out on Life!
by Truthtella24/7 November 24, 2010
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i swear i love this girl means everything to me she is the prettiest girl with the nicest body face and personality she will hopefully fall in love with a boy with brown hair brown eyes and lives in London(reece fujioka) she deserves everything in the world xxx
marcella is the best xxx
by reece fujioka December 26, 2018
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a girl who is HxC attractive, and is mostly white except for a black girl bootay.

one who is scene but they dont really think they are
damn look at that girl, she is such a marcella
by 1337 5K337 February 03, 2008
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A asian looking girl with prretty eyes and long hair. They have a great and sexy sense of style, and theyre very attractive silent souls. Marcellas tend to know a LOT of people, and theyre worshipped for their amazing looks. A marcella is a SEXY girl.
"OH DAMN! That's Marcella!"
by helloilovemarcie September 11, 2011
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A Marcella is usually a very shy, very cute girl..with very amazing eyes and black emo hair. A marcella is usually a hot emo girl who plays hard to get..and loves watching anime...usually refered to as a guy "magnet" Marcellas are also VERY hot and very shy.
"Oh, man, look! It's that hot girl!"
"Dude, thats Marcella."
"Thats a sexy name.."
by tahtperson September 11, 2011
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Handsome, chocolate , Athletic. Get any girl he want, any girl he want. Always In His Bag. And loves to "Try It!!"
I Want a Marcellas.
Girl he wish he was a marcellas.
by Jonny Tae June 18, 2018
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