When a person needs to scratch themselves but they have no nails, and so they instead use their fingers to squeeze, pinch, and smear the itchy area on their body.
"Jacob's balls itched, but since Jacob had no nails to scratch them he had to squinch them instead."
by Thetipsycow March 18, 2018
"Upon his massive explosion of warm splooge that hit her directly in the eye, she was forced to squinch"
by Chosen 0ne May 23, 2013
When you need to save your cigarette for later, you hold it just before the flame between your fingers and squinch out the burning tip.
Ben decided he was not interested in finishing his cigarette and rather squinch it for later.
by Magri August 31, 2018
The kerning looks awful on that. Squinch the "C" and the "O" together.

We were 10 miles from the rest area and I was prairie dogging like crazy. I had to squinch my ass cheeks together to save my dignity.
by SmugSockMonkey January 10, 2005
n. the area between the scrotum and buttocks. Also see taint.
I got a nasty film on my squinch after banging that whore, and not showering for a fort night.
by Duney February 6, 2009
1. To crumble and tighten your toes together so as to pick up objects with your toes or to disturb another person deeply.
"I squinched Claire's upper thigh because she was annoying me. She cried"
by Hansel Shmi January 20, 2010