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Referred to in Vanilla Ice's beatbox song, "Havin' a Roni," is a virgin, according to Ice himself.  However, the term is used often in hip hop, and is short for "tenderoni," which is defined as a "sweet girl."

Then again, Vanilla Ice can make up some dumb shit.
I knew the way she was swallowing the swan, she wasn't any roni.

That roni's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
by SmugSockMonkey January 09, 2005
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Service industry related buttock chafing as a result of humid and hot conditions whilst waiting tables. Scientific documentation of waitress butt has yet to be proven, as females are less likely to discuss such an ailment.

Add'l info: Bartenders don't get waiter butt, since they don't do as much walking. Sucks to be a waiter, eh?
"Have you seen Dave? He just got double sat."

"I just saw him in the kitchen getting some corn starch."

"Oh, he's been walking like a duck all night.

"Waiter butt will do that to you."


(snapping) "WAITER! Can we get some more free rolls?"

"I'm baking some in my ass (due to the heat of waiter butt). They'll be done in two minutes."

by SmugSockMonkey June 06, 2006
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The official spelling adopted by White Castle for their gut bombs. See www.whitecastle.com under products. At this time, "slyder" does not appear to be trademarked. Could have more subliminal impact as to what the burger does from a diuretic standpoint, seeing as how the burger is often expelled is unannounced, urgent and "sly".
"I'm hungry. Let's go get some sliders"

"My friend, we are in Ohio. We don't have Krystal here. We have White Castle."

"Je fais des excuses. Let's go get some slyders."

"Hell-ya nigga."
by SmugSockMonkey January 09, 2005
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Comedy that teaches you something, as coined by Sarah Silverman in her film "Jesus is Magic".
"They dont mention that he would roll up the windows in the car and fart, with the heat up. While his family suffered, he would laugh.

Martin Loser King.

Just think people should know everything, before they give someone a day. I'm a comic with something to say. I think that's the difference.

Learnmedy. That's what I call it."
by SmugSockMonkey June 06, 2006
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Believed to be Austrailian in origin. Equivalent of grossed out or disgusted. Possibly rooted in 'sqeamish'.
When feral boy's bladed boomerang cut off the bandit's bookkeeper's fingers it was rather squinchy squanchy.

Kangaroo burgers?! Squinchy squanchy!
by SmugSockMonkey January 09, 2005
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When a liquid, height or any sort of amount is dramatically reduced. Typically used in an Xtreme, or passionate manner of speech. In such a manner one might say "jacked up" but since the instance is referring to a lessening of amount "jacked down" is used (ant. jacked up.)(syn.lowered)
Dave: "Dude. M2 Dew Xtreme is some B2W (balls to the wall) shit. I slammed a 2 liter this morning nude surfsailing Satan's Chasm, but now this afternoon my blood sugar is jacked up."

Shane: "So your blood sugar is high then? It should be low."

Dave: "Ya, dude. I meant 'jacked down' (Dave winks at Urban Dictionary and reapplies zinc oxide to nose)".

Shane: "Noob."


Did you see the Governator speak at graduation? He looked so jacked down in person.
by SmugSockMonkey June 09, 2006
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A person who works for an audio broadcasting system. Possibly Austrailian in origin. In a documentary starring ABBA (of all bands) an Austrailian man with a mike and a tape recorder (the size of an extra large breadbox) comes up to Bjorn, Sven or Svven or whatever the fuck his name is and says "I'm a radiohead. I was wondering if you can answer a few questions for our broadcast". Radiohead (the band) has nothing to do with Abba. The word was merely used in a documentary, so don't freak the fuck out. This was also long before Talking Heads, so I don't think they were the first to put 'radio' next to 'head' without a space.
I'm a radiohead. My job is to ask you about your inspriation for "Fernando" and what's up with all the white?
by SmugSockMonkey January 08, 2005
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