Your favorite soccer teams is in the world cup final. Unfortunately, at the 90th minute, one of its players misses the penalty kick that would make your team world champion.
You see yourself squint??? That was a squinch!
by Jonathan T. aka Jonaphin June 20, 2006
A square inch. if you didn't fiure that out, your an idiot.
by Tarliex McDavidson January 25, 2010
Damn, pull over at the Kwikmart, I gotta squinch
by mike sucks June 25, 2003
The look you pull when you get kicked in the gooch
My friend got kicked in th gooch while playing football and his face squinched
by lionman1991 December 27, 2011
What is done to a ginch (c.f.).
Hey, Ohio, squinch that ginch!
by Lord McSquinch (bart.) November 1, 2004
Noun (plural) - marks left across ones butt cheeks (usually brown) horizontally protruding outward from the anus, caused by prematurely pinching off a full loaf in mid-squeeze. This usually results in "mud-butt" and "sticky cheeks".
Michelle heard Robin screaming about something mindless in the office, and was forced to pinch off a fat loaf, resulting in squinch marks for the duration of the day.
by Mudd Butt Jr. September 18, 2012
a dried-up and used-up middle aged female bar denizen...a bar clam
If you buy that squinch a drink you'll never get rid of her
by porkpie hat October 3, 2003