i got a left, middle and right one
Do you have ass cheeks? yes they are my ass cheeks haha
by gerLD and herry :> June 2, 2021
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When the moistness from your butthole seizes to exist.
" oh damn joe, what's up? " " nothing just chillin with my ass cheeks dry. " " damn man, I hate when the moistness from my ass cheeks discontinues to exist. " " I hate when my ass cheeks are dry. "
by Bluecheerios123 April 16, 2014
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A phrase you use to insult or express you feel someone lied.
The lady told me this game should be download in 17 minutes. Took 3 days, complimate my ass cheeks man.
by Oreogae May 6, 2022
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Used to show the Royal Vizier of the neighboring kingdom how the Princess sicced a bengal tiger upon your ass.
Prince Achmed: My ass cheeks. They're HANGING OUT! And what's this? Blood. Blood on my ass cheeks. Tell me Ja'far, how the fuck did it get there?
Ja'far: Is it because-
Prince Achmed: It is BECAUSE, your PrinCESS just sicced a BENGAL TIGER upon my ass!
by Prince Achmed December 5, 2020
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A-Half-hearted response to a question that isn't important.

B-Sarcastic response to a serious question.

C-The answer given when asked a question you don't know the answer to. Ususally spoken as a question.
Example for def. A-

Person A- "What are you doing tonight?"
Person B- "My left ass cheek."

Example for def. B-

A- "Where did my purse/keys/wallet go?"
B- "My left ass cheek."

Example for def. C-

A- "Billy, what is the Capital of Zimbabwe?"
b "My left ass cheek?"
by resisdisciple May 10, 2006
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