the sudden burst of any bodily fluid at any given moment.

I was sitting on the bus when i felt a rush of liquid falling out of my rectem, this is when i realized i splooted all over myself.

by Swimming with fetus February 24, 2006
Sploot is the descriptive word explaining what happens when you press down with your finger on a marble, or squeeze soap between two hands forcing it to shoot out.

Splooting was coined in the 50's in Bristol by international set and stage designer Rodney Ford
"The chicken splooted out the egg with ease"

"The soap bar skidded across the floor after splooting from my hands"
by Liam April 3, 2007
Sploot or Splooted is a word to describe throwing something at house, this may consist of an egg, pottery or even a mattress!
I’m going to sploot Michelle’s house tonight!

I think Michelle got splooted earlier
by September 27, 2020
An affair between to married bisexuals of the same sex.
I think tony is having a sploot with the milkman
by EC May 18, 2003
(V)the act of blowing bubbles using semen.
"Jenna was Sploot Jootin that wad."
by gener October 29, 2003
Sploot can be used for anything such ass

Fuck you son of a sploot wanking fuck dog

i raped ure sploot

she was like im cummin cummin SPLOOT OH GOD YES

Ye split me open oh joy jolly splootin of ye

Sploot Dun dun dun SPLOOT oh oh ya FUCK ME U SPLOOT DOG

i splooted my manjiuce all over her slootin sploot hole
(N) A really bad rock band from upstate New York, The brain child of Crank Simon creator eugene falco. The first album is due out in March 2004.
"The band Sploot Jootin is so bad it makes me want to stab myself in the ear with an infants femur!"
by eugene falco October 29, 2003