18 definitions by EC

A liar; Two-Faced; Kisses up and always goes by the name of Helen Wiltsie
"I hate that BunnyBoo, that old hag"
"BunnyBoo from Flowgo? What a old b*tch!"
by EC April 24, 2004
The fattest kid of all time...PERIOD!
Damn Susan! You better lose weight before you start to look lke Cbot.
by EC January 7, 2005
a vaginal air expulsion in an audible fashion, as often heard during sex
she queefed when i was eating her out, but i thanked her for the breath of fresh air
by EC August 7, 2003
Used to describe a quick humping action, usually directed towards the anal area.
1. Dude, give me back my remote or I'll fuck rush you.

2. I just got fuck rushed by Jack.

3. Jack fuck rush's.

4. Jack is a fuck rusher.

5. Jack fuck rushed Linda.
by EC February 5, 2005
1. Bad, not good

2. Weird or odd
1. That movie was so boots.

2. Omg did you see Kathy’s outfit today it was so boots.
by EC September 8, 2020
person 1: hey dude look at tht sticker
person 2: omg it says sfor
person 1: sick
by EC April 14, 2004
a fuckin leftist political party in Hong Kong with support from Chinese Communist Party
"DAB stands for Demorcacy According to Beijing. " Martin Lee said
by EC April 26, 2005