The thing you turn into when you think its a good idea to take a mouthful of your drink while at your friends house and they make you laugh- making you spit your salivated drink all over their kitchen floor and pool table
Parrott: *takes drink*
Chez: *says something funny*
Parrott: *spits drink everywhere*
Chez: oh my God, youre such a sploot
by Random_pasta November 5, 2020
The action of spitting something out.

Examples of things you can sploot include: Toothpaste, your partners milk, and the little pieces of popcorn that get stuck in between your teeth.
If you don't sploot your toothpaste then you might swallow it.
by SplootForAll April 14, 2017
Describes the action of a masseuse "accidentally" touching your genitals while giving you a massage.
"How was your massage? "
"Awesome! She totally splooted me"
by Just north March 11, 2018
When an animal lies in plank fashion with its rear appendages lied flat behind it
by sleuthpanther April 6, 2016
When a dog lays of their stomach with their hind legs behind them. While this may seem trivial it is the most effective way, known by man, to assert dominance.
Dog: *Splooting*

Owner: *screaming and crying in the corner of a room to avoid interfering with the dogs raw energy*
by Owl of Dust December 9, 2019
As milk ages, and curdles, it releases gas. If in a tight container, such as a milk jug, pressure will build up until the top explodes outward, creating a "sploot."
DAMN DUDE. That shit just splooted outta nowhere!
by Blazaga June 24, 2006
Ah, jeez! Dean splooted in his drawers again!
by Steviedee January 30, 2004