Sploot is a word used to describe throwing something like eggs or pottery or even mattresses.
I’m going to sploot Michelle tonight!
by September 27, 2020
When a cat splays their legs out and sprays fecal liquids all over their owners sussy sniffer
That crazy cat lady got a little up close and personal with her cats anus and got splooted on
by Heyheysplooter September 26, 2021
When a cat becomes so comfortable they look kindof like a fluffy poodle.
"I just got a new memory foam bed mat, now when my cat gets on it she becomes a total sploot"
by CatDogKing007 November 19, 2021
To or When a person slips with a slipping sound.
My friend just splooted today.
by 9tjfijvrirncvpiw fip2uv January 14, 2020
When relaxation renders a posture seemingly beyond ones physical limit.

When tiredness overrules societal rules, and full sleep is achieved in random or shockingly uncomfortable places.
Dude check out Jerry. He splooted on the floor; he must be cashed.

Wow, that’s one awkward sploot…he’s gonna wake up with some weird lines.
by Awyzzl17 June 2, 2022
Verb, the act of a monkey peeing: monkey piss
I haven’t been to the zoo since that monkey decided to sploot on my favorite jacket.
by BigChungles May 10, 2020