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Verb. This means to send a video game character into a spasm by use of the game player doing so on purpose.
To splinch requires an online game or similar, controlled by keyboard, that uses characters that move using the arrow keys, or W,A,S,D, etc. Splinching is where the on-screen character is made to use both animations of two of the keys you press, at the same time, by pressing them simultaneously. this results in the character trying to move in both directions at once, causing a humerous animation.

Splinching can also be performed by use of a glitch. A user can cause the game to send the character into splinching by performing an illegal move.

Present: Splinching. Past: Splinched.
Person 1. "I KEEL YOUU!!"
Person 2. "OH NOES!! U made me splinch nows!"
by Papplemanger August 28, 2008
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The one inch piece of flesh between your asshole and your genitalia
I was pumping away on her, and my dick slipped out and bent in half when I hit her splinch.
by The Tatooed Nail Bender February 12, 2004
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