A boot licking shit talker who thinks they’re doing something to help an issue but instead they’re being a boot licker and not actually helping the issue especially people who have BLM,she/her in their bios instead of talking about reform towards police training and teaching children how to talk to the police or donating to programs that help homeless LGBT youth and better sex Ed.
Rosa Parks is rolling her her grave watching these activists nowadays.
by isaidwhatisaiddd November 2, 2020
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What unemployed adults from middle class families call themselves to feel better about being utter failures. Activists will often have massive student debt, worthless degrees, and live at home with their parents.
"What do you do for a living?"
"Oh, I'm an activist."
by Valkitty July 26, 2017
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The difference between many, if not most activists and pacifists, is an activist would kill in order to look like something other than weak, or passive.
The activist wouldn't suffer the humiliation and shame of being called a pacifist by others, he/she couldn't handle it, so he/she became an activist who appeared to be active and ready at all times instead, and tried to be the persecutor, rather than the persecuted.
by Solid Mantis October 12, 2019
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The worst kind of pacifist, the kind that would kill to prove they're not weak.
The activist would slaughter people before letting them call him/her out on being weak.
by Solid Mantis October 12, 2019
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Fascist nosy busy-body that is more worried about everyone else around them, rather than just focusing on the problems in their own life. Generally tends to delude themselves into thinking they're saving the world.
Jane the activist keeps nagging me to stop buying toilet paper because it will kill too many trees.
by Schnorkenschneider November 21, 2013
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Slacker with a cause, usually traveling in a quaint vehicle plastered with bumper stickers like "NO BLOOD FOR OIL," "REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS FOR ALL," and "SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PETS." Singularly unaware of irony and how stupid people look in knit rasta caps. While generally a conspiracy theorist, the activist often believes in the inherent goodness of mankind and will beat the shit out of her/his domestic partner for thinking differently.
Look at that activist smacking her husband after the peace rally.
by Ernest Peabody July 31, 2006
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A derogatory term.

Refers to a sexually promiscuous person, usually female.

One who engages in sexual activity with a large number of persons, occasionally simultaneously.

Also refers to one who engages in sexual activity outside of a long-term relationship within the duration of said relationship.

These sexual activities include but are not limited to: passionate kissing, manual stimulation of genitalia and/or breasts in the case of a female; oral stimulation of these parts; sexual intercourse.

In some cases, used to refer to a woman who is wearing "skimpy" or tasteless clothing.

Less commonly, used as a derogatory term by one female for another during periods of conflict.

Synonyms: whore, tramp. Related Adjectives: easy; immoral; loose; cheap.
"That activist has slept with every man in this room!"

"That girl is such an activist--I can't believe that she cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend!"

"Look at that activist in her mini-skirt! She is not wearing any underwear!"

"I don't want to talk to her! I hate that activist!"

"That activist is easy like Sunday morning."
by Twjohnston February 28, 2012
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